What's our culture?


C (Customer-centric )-以客户为中心

Customer needs are the driving force for Xingkuan’s development,

Craftsmanship and courtesy are Xingkuan’s guarantee to customers,

The company always stands on the customer’s standpoint and organizes,

and reflects all the company’s activities with the customer’s thinking.

A (Assurance -of striver oriented )-以奋斗者为本

Xingkuan People firmly belive that giving comes before gain,

They are always loyal ,positive , learn actively, keep pace with the times,

always maintain a sense of crisis,and use struggle as the cornerstone of life.

M (Moral of honest)-诚信,不欺骗客户、 不欺骗同事、不欺骗公司

Honesty is the foundation of Xingkuan's survival ,

and it is also the natural attribute of Xingkuan's morals ,

Not to decive customers , colleagues ,and companies  are the 3 main rules that

Xingkuan people must not touch and happen .

E(embrace changes )-拥抱变化

Xingkuan will continue to innovate in technical ciled , product forms ,

service forms ,operation management and business models ,

and embrace changes with ful preparation and an open attitude .

L(Loyal to duties)-担当

The requirements of Xingkuan people are to be loyal to their duties ,

focus on completing their own work professionally , advocate communication,

active collaboration ,and never shirk responsibilities ,

so as to ensure the efficient operation of the organization,

and create value for customers.

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