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What are price factors of quarry vibrating screen?

Vibrating screen is a kind of metal mesh structure element for screening and filtration, which is  in many industries like quarry ,mining , coal, oil, chemical fertilizer, grain, environmental protection and other industries,etc

When we buy vibrating screen, first of all, we should clarify what materials you are going to sieve out; Then we can select the screen that can meet our sieving needs according to the size of sieving material particles. forparameters , the mesh number, wire diameter,Hole opening, sieving material size and effective screen surface of the screen is the considerig factors for choosing right screen.

When we buy it , we not only care the quality ,but also care the cost.What are main price factors of quarry vibrating screen :

1. Depends on the screen material, such as steel grade,45# black steel , 65Mn steel, 77b, 30MnSi, etc;

2. Depends on the amount used of steel per square meter of the screen, that is, the heavier the screen, the higher the price;

3. The larger quantity on one -time order and the quantity in same specification, the smaller the labor, equipment commissioning time and material loss, so the price is lower accordingly ;

4. Whether subsequent processing is required, such as iron sheet wrapping, folding, painting, etc

5. Depends on packing , bare bulk , pallet or wire rope ,etc

6. Depends on screen size to choose suitable container transpoting , 20GP , 20 OT,40GP , etc .


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